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Plant-based sources for Methionine?

Hi Monique, Could you please email me the good food plant sources for the essential amino acid Methionine. Thanks, Jefferson

Answer: Plant-based sources of methionine include sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts and lentils (and to a lesser extent grains and beans). Methionine is an essential amino acid necessary for a variety of chemical interactions in our body and is an important source of dietary sulfur. It helps eliminate toxins, controls the level of beneficial sulfur-containing compounds in our body and stimulates our body's immune response.

According to the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau (DSIB), the sulfur supplied from methionine helps protect us against toxic elements like heavy metals in the liver. Adequate levels of methionine promote healthy hair, skin and nails. It influences hair follicles and prevents brittle hair. It may improve the tone and elasticity of our skin while helping our body absorb essential minerals like selenium and zinc. Methionine can also help protect our cells from free radical damage, thus functioning as an antioxidant.

Methionine helps lower cholesterol levels by increasing the liver's production of lecithin; reduces liver fat and protects the kidneys. It regulates the formation of ammonia and creates ammonia-free urine which reduces bladder irritation. Additionally, the DSIB indicates that studies have shown methionine to help reduce histamine levels, which are amino acids that control dilation of blood vessels and influence brain function. These studies suggest that methionine may offer treatment for people suffering depression and schizophrenia, which they have linked to elevated histamine levels.

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