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What is the nutritional content of gluten/seitan?

uestion: Hi! I love to make gluten steaks, but can not figure out the calories for them? After I wash the starch off I usually have a 2 pound ball of gluten. Can you estimate the calories in that? And there is no fat, right? Thanks for your help.

Answer: Making homemade seitan (or gluten steaks as you call them) is a highly nutritious and economical meat alternative. Besides being a great cholesterol-free protein source, it is also a good source of iron. While seitan is low in carbohydrates and fat, it is not fat-free.

Many people find it difficult to figure the exact nutritional breakdown of homemade seitan because it can be made with various wheat flours (from 100% whole wheat to unbleached bread flour). I am providing you with an estimated average nutritional composition for a 2-pound ball, and for the recommended serving size of seitan (which is 4 ounces or 1/2 cup).


Total Calories - 1,280
Total Fat - 16 grams
Total Carbohydrates - 80 grams
Protein - 208 grams
Cholesterol - 0 grams
Iron - 28.8 milligrams


Total Calories - 160
Total Fat - 2 grams (3% RDA)
Total Carbohydrates - 10 grams (3% RDA)
Protein - 26 grams (43-50% RDA)
Cholesterol - 0 grams
Iron - 3.6 milligrams (20% RDA)

*Percent RDA is an approximation based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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