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Recently diagnosed as insulin resistant.

Dear Monique, I have been recently diagnosed as insulin resistant. I have been told it is a precurser to diabetes. Though it doesn't mean I have it or will get it. I have been told to cut back on sugar and carbs, but other than that, I have had no help at all in learning what i can eat.

I am 5ft 3in tall and range between 230 and 250 lbs. I don't eat that much. This is my day: I wake up take a shower and am out the door in 30-45min. I don't have time for breakfast and i am just not hungry for it.. I have tried.. I have cereals going to waste cuz of not being hungry, and soy milk has to be drunk in 7-10 days of being I am not a vegetarian though I have been trying to become one.. for health reasons..even before my work I have a bowl of soup or whatever fast food joint we send for..(I know this is where some of my trouble lies) I go to school then am home around 9 or 10 pm and eat something nukeable (microwaveable) like a hot pocket or spaghetti. I buy veggies for salads and they go bad, because I just don't get hungry for it.

I NEED HELP I want to be healthy I just don't know what to do. I don't have alot of money to spend I make just a little over 10 thousand a year... lol. I am going crazy. I don't know if I should eat like a diabetic or what. Any books or web sites or tips would be heaven sent. Liese

Answer: You are at a point where you must decide if you are going to take control your health, or are you going to let your health take control of you. If you continue to eat the way you have been, your health can deteriorate to the point where you will be required to have a very restrictive diet. You need to make a choice and stop making excuses about why you do not eat healthy. You know what you need to do; it seems to me that you just do not want to do it. However, if you don't make a change for the better now, your body will force you to down the road.

First, if you have a hard time eating something for breakfast, then drink something. Liquid nutrients are easy to consume, digest and prepare. You can either buy a powder to make a shake, or get a pre-made breakfast drink. This way you can drink your breakfast on your way to work or school and not have the excuse that you "do not have time for breakfast". Many of these products can be found at regular drug stores or supermarkets, like soy protein powders, "Slim-Fast" and "Carnation Instant Breakfast" powders or ready-made shakes in a can. You need to get into the habit of putting something in your stomach in the morning to rev up your engines and get your metabolism in gear (this is your calorie burning regulator).

Numerous studies have confirmed that skipping breakfast will make you gain weight. Your body has not eaten for at least 8-10 hours, and because your body detects that there is no food available, it will slow down your metabolism to conserve energy and prevent starvation. Because your stomach has been empty all night and most of the morning, when you do eat something for lunch, you will be more apt to gravitate to foods that are high in fat and sugar. Your body at this point is craving instant calories.

Secondly, stop buying foods that you don't eat. Not only is this a waste of money and resources, it does not make you any healthier by siting in your refrigerator rotting. Instead of buying veggies and not having the time or energy to prepare a salad, get the pre-washed and pre-cut salad mixes. Then all you need to do is put it on a plate and add some salad dressing. Cut up some carrot sticks and keep them handy in the refrigerator at home to nibble on, or take them with you and chew on one every couple of hours at work or school. When ordering from a restaurant or "fast food joint", order a salad with the dressing on the side.

Thirdly, try to get into soups. Soups are high in easy to assimilate nutrients and water. By having soup before your meals, you will feel full more quickly and end up consuming less calories. You will not feel deprived because of this full sensation. If you can't have soup, drink a glass of water before you eat your lunch and dinner, and another glass during your meal.

Finally, you need to adjust your activity level. Our weight is a balance between the calories you take in and the ones you burn up. If you are experiencing weight gain, it means that you are not burning up all the calories that you take in during the day. A few changes in your diet and lifestyle are all that you need to obtain optimal health and weight.

Make a commitment to yourself to eat a variety of healthy foods, and not just buy them. Take the stairs instead of the elevator; park your car farther away from the entrance of the building you are going into; take brakes at work and walk around the office every couple of hours; do a squat to pick things up instead of just bending over, and try to do stretches before you go to sleep. All these small changes in your lifestyle will over time add up to great health benefits. You can prevent the onset of diabetes if you are really committed to being healthy. You just need to motivate yourself, stick to your decision to be healthy and keep a positive attitude.

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