Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nutritional value of soybean sprouts?

I have introduced soybean sprouts into my diet in salads, soups, and included it with vegetables on a daily basis. Do soybean sprouts offer all that soy has to offer? Thanks.

Answer: Yes, all the nutrients contained in whole soybeans (like edamame and soynuts) are also found in soybean sprouts. The health benefits are similar as well.

Eating soybean sprouts is great, but avoid eating raw sprouts in large quantities. Most raw legumes like peas, chickpeas, lentils and beans contain natural toxins that protect the plant from being eaten by insects and animals.

These natural toxins may negatively impact your immune system if you eat a large amount of raw soybean sprouts. However, most of these toxins are broken down and destroyed by the heat of cooking. Therefore, I believe it is best to eat the majority of your soybean sprouts cooked, and occasionally eat them raw in salads. A little will not create adverse effects.

I also urge you to try other nutrient-packed soy foods like
tempeh, edamame, soynuts and textured soy protein. This will add variety to your healthful diet and you will also benefit from their high quality protein, isoflavones, and fiber.

The key to maintaining a healthy diet is to make healthy foods taste good. Otherwise, you will not continue to eat them. Another important factor is food preparation. The nutrients in some foods, as previously stated, are best absorbed and digested when the foods are cooked, sometimes it is the other way around. Remember to eat everything in moderation and nothing to excess.

For more information about soy, visit:

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