Monday, July 27, 2009

Vegetarian diet plans for competitive athletes?

Question: Can you give me information on vegetarian diet plans for competitive athletes? Due to my training schedule, I require higher amounts of protein etc.

Answer: There are many ways for a vegetarian athlete to increase the protein in their diet safely and healthily. You can increase your intake of high-protein soy products like Tempeh, Textured Soy Protein (TSP) and Soy Protein Powders. These soy foods are easy to prepare and have high quality protein that does not produce the detrimental effects of animal proteins.

TSP is great when toasted and added to chili or spaghetti sauce.

Tempeh, which has the highest amount of protein, is wonderful if you are in a hurry and want something hearty and satisfying. Just cut it into strips, sprinkle on some soy sauce or hickory smoke seasoning (if you want a bacon-like flavor), saute with onions, mushrooms and peppers, and stuff it all into a pita bread or wrap it all up in a tortilla.

Soy protein powders are the quickest way to boost the protein content of smoothies and shakes, which can be a terrific breakfast or between meal snack.

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